Which Authority has licensed and certified Doha Medicare?

We are licensed by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) Qatar

How is this sector regulated in the State of Qatar? Are there laws to cater to protection of rights for the patient?

We come under the control of, and are licensed by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) Qatar. We also follow strict International Best Standards Practice for in-home nursing.

Who can use your healthcare services?

We cater to all age groups, starting from new-born babies, to elderly persons.

Can you explain the difference between Home Nursing and Hospital Nursing?

Our licensed Nurses have the same qualifications and competencies as Nurses in hospitals. The aim is to assist patients and uplift the quality of their lives – the only difference will be the convenience, as patients are able to benefit from this service in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Do you provide Nurses for duty of 24 hours a day?

Yes, when there is a need for 24-hour home nursing, we usually assign two to three nurses to work on shift patterns.

What is the qualification of your Medical Staff?

Our Doctors and Nurses working on clinical cases are licensed by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) Qatar and those who are working as Healthcare Assistants are qualified Nurses registered in their home country.

What is the difference between Health Care Assistants and Licensed Nurses?

Our Healthcare Assistants help our patients when it comes to non-clinical care, for example assisting them in their daily living. Our licensed nurses are authorized by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) Qatar and are able to assist patients with clinical care and procedures.

Will your nurses escort anyone planning to get their treatment outside the country?

Yes, our licensed Nurses are qualified in- and outside the country so are able to escort patients to treatment facilities outside of the State of Qatar.

Do we have to pay for the Nurse transportation to visit us?

Our quotations include transportation of our Nurses to and from the patient’s home. Additional costs may be specified only for specialized treatment outside the country.

What types of Clinical services do you offer?

We offer a broad range of clinical services including administering injections, skin care (pressure ulcers) wound care, catheter care, stoma care and home IV therapy infusion (drip).We also offer advice on managing Diabetes as well as respiratory therapy; including oxygen, asthma treatment, as well as Post-operative rehabilitation, for those patients who do not have support in the home.

What types of Non-clinical services do you offer?

We offer senior care, elderly care at home, School Nurses and Industrial nurses in the State of Qatar.

What does Senior or Elderly Care mean?

Senior care is a special service we provide to elderly patients to enable them and their families to rely on our support and ensure their quality of life is maintained.

What other services do you provide?

  • Home nursing and therapy services
  • Rehabilitation home nursing
  • Home care for kids and other home care solutions
  • School Nursing professionals
  • Doctors and Industrial Nursing professionals
  • Senior care nursing and rehabilitation